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Dear Professional Retail Car Salesperson,

Joe Girard is in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most sales in a single year, and averaged an amazing 6 sales per day throughout his amazing career.

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  • How to turn losing sales into a winning game plan.
  • The simple one line phrase Joe uses to sum up how he smashes all the sales records.
  • How to 'paint' a customer profile that guarantees future sales.
  • Key questions that turn ‘mooches’ into buyers.
  • The #1 most important thing you need to know about your prospects.
  • Five powerful ways to turn a prospect into a buyer.
  • How to make your customers feel they owe you a favour, (i.e. a big cheque!)
  • How to get past 'the last sticking point' and make the deal.
  • And the final secret #7 which ensures you consistently increase your sales over the coming months and years... without even breaking a sweat.

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Best regards,
Rob Purfield, the UK's #1 Sales Trainer for the automotive industry, and author of The 7 Biggest Secrets of the World's #1 Retail Car Salesman

The 7 Biggest Secrets of the World's #1 Retail Car Salesman

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